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Ribs by Rember

Tattoos often have personal meaning behind them, or an interesting story that goes with the tattoo. They can represent a relationship, an important event, a stage in our life, memorialize a loved one, and convey our beliefs. Others have great stories about the tattoo experience itself. This is a place for our community to share those stories.

Ribs by Rember
Done on Cody Warren
3 sessions thus far – 27 hours
First two days in Long Beach, California – 17 hours of tattooing
One day in Denton, Texas – 10 hours of tattooing

“My collection continues to be a blessing and full of happenstance”

I’m very fortunate that I’m in Long Beach every year for work when Golden State Tattoo Expo occurs. I usually get to attend the show on Friday, where I never fully plan a session, but typically get lucky with a last minute booking before I go to work all weekend.

First year there was a full 13-hour day with Robert Pho on my sleeve. The following year was a 10-hour day with Dre, also from Skin Design, on my knee ditch. Already miserable from walking all weekend on the fresh knee ditch piece, I was definitely looking forward to going home to rest, until… Matt Jordan posted that he had a cancellation with his guest spot at The Raven and the Wolves.

I quickly reached out to Matt and told him I was going to move my flights and accommodations so we could get in another session on my back. I didn’t move quick enough though; somebody sent in their deposit for their session before I was able to finalize everything. Flights were changed and Airbnb was booked to be in Long Beach for three extra days with nothing to do.

Not even an hour went by though, when I opened my Instagram to see that Rember was announcing he was doing a last-second guest spot at Raven and needed a canvas. I jumped at it immediately.

“Luck paid out again for me. Instead of a second pass on my back, I was getting another bucket list artist and starting my ribs.”

I told Rember: “Phoenix and girl”, and that is exactly what he delivered. I had done back-to-back days before, but I knew ribs was gonna be tough.. let alone while I was still healing my heavily infected knee ditch (my fault for walking around all of LA with a fresh tattoo).

All the guys at The Raven and the Wolves were incredibly accommodating and made the experience unforgettable. Getting tattooed while Carlos Torres, Sergio Sanchez, Matt Jordan, Deran Hall, Deano Cook, Beny Pierce, and Lukas Smyku surrounded you was completely surreal. Special shout-out to Shay Bredimus for helping me take care of the knee ditch and for being the nicest guy alive.. 2 days, 17 hours and a whole lot of skin was covered, but no Phoenix to be seen; just a beautiful girl

Rember knew I was anxious for the Phoenix part so he fit me in as soon as he could to his ridiculously busy schedule a few months later.. To my demise, covid hit and shut down Texas literally 2 days before I was supposed to fly out. Almost a full year later, I was extremely fortunate to fly to Dallas for work; they moved around some clients to get me in for my third session, and alas, my Phoenix.

After 10 hours and tiptoeing my armpit, I couldn’t be happier with this piece. We’re gonna do one more full day to finish up the wing of the Phoenix and for a small second pass and some touch ups from healing the girls face while I was traveling through Bali. Rember is an absolute class act of a human being.

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