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Muay Thai Tattoo

Muah Thai Tattoo By Matt Jordan
Done on Zach Thornton
4 sessions total- 35-36 hours for Muay Thai piece
1 seven hour session for Mayo piece

“You can’t grasp the beauty of something without experiencing some chaos or adversity.”

This is a Muay Thai piece that represents respect, peace of mind, and mental toughness in the face of adversity. It pays tribute to the sport and the major role it had sustaining my mental and emotional stability while my Dad was in intensive care prior to his passing. I would go train everyday prior to visiting him in the hospital. It was one of the few things that was helping my mental state during that time. Muay Thai has helped me through many hard times in my life but this by far was the most significant. This piece was done by Matt Jordan around 4 years ago over four sittings. Three sessions at Time Line Gallery in San Pedro and one final session at The Raven and the Wolves in Long Beach. Total tattoo time was between 30-40 hrs.

Also, I wanted to talk about the lettering tied into the piece. I consider this one cohesive piece because the meaning and the art go hand and hand with one another. The lettering is done by Mayo, which is very fitting because it was Matt who introduced me to Mayo at The Raven and Wolves when we were finishing my front panel. He noticed the script I had on my leg and figured I would enjoy his art. So who better to tie into the piece than Mayo. We did it about a year later at The Raven and the Wolves. It was sketched on and tattooed over a 7 hour period. The tattoo says “Chaos Begets Beauty.” This is supposed to mean you can’t really grasp the beauty of something without experiencing some chaos or adversity. Like in Muay Thai, sometimes the beauty is the chaos.

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