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Tattoo Stories

Elevated Aftercare / Tattoo Stories

Jim Jones

Jim Jones Tattoo By Kelly Doty Done on Jeff Garnett 1 Session  7 Hours “In today’s society, opinions become followed with cult like, blind dedication” This is my Jim Jones tattoo by Kelly Doty. If you don’t know, Jim Jones was a cult leader in the 1970’s who manipulated more than 900 followers into committing suicide. Before anyone gets worked up, let me be...

Muah Thai Tattoo

Muah Thai Tattoo By Matt Jordan Done on Zach Thornton 4 sessions total- 35-36 hours for Muay Thai piece 1 seven hour session for Mayo piece "You can’t grasp the beauty of something without experiencing some chaos or adversity." This is a Muay Thai piece that represents respect, peace of mind, and mental toughness in the face of adversity. It pays tribute to the sport...

Ribs by Rember

Tattoos often have personal meaning behind them, or an interesting story that goes with the tattoo. They can represent a relationship, an important event, a stage in our life, memorialize a loved one, and convey our beliefs. Others have great stories about the tattoo experience itself. This is a place for our community to share those stories. Ribs by Rember Done on...