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Meet Our Founder


Elevated Aftercare was created by Entrepreneur and tattoo collector Jordan Feno. In addition to being the Founder of Elevated Aftercare, Jordan is also the founder of Lead The Followers LLC which has now become one of the (if not thee) most renowned tattoo sharing pages on the planet. Jordan began his tattoo collecting journey at the age of sixteen, and soon became extremely passionate about the art form, the culture and community, and also inevitably became interested in the wound-healing/aftercare aspect of the lifestyle as well. Jordan sees tattoos as fine art and views collecting tattoos like collecting fine art. But instead of hanging paintings on the wall, the body is the canvas. He is a walking art gallery, with skin art from many of the best tattoo artists in the world.

Protect Your Investment


Throughout the years of collecting tattoos, Jordan has healed his fair share of ink. He has tried just about every method of healing, and countless products. Along the way he became very interested in what makes tattoos heal well, and how to care for them long-term. He began studying ingredients, and learning as much as possible. Tattoos are a big investment, and protecting that investment is crucial. Throughout his research, Jordan learned about two ingredients that were exceptional at many of the things needed to effectively heal skin. He had never seen these ingredients in any tattoo aftercare products, and knew that they would make a perfect pair for aftercare.

The Perfect Pair


The two natural ingredients that inspired him to create Elevated Aftercare are Manuka oil and Kanuka oil from the East Cape of New Zealand. When used topically, they are both known to be unusually powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antimicrobrial oils- perfect for healing and maintaining tattoos! Discovering the extraordinary benefits of these two power-house ingredients was the perfect basis for the tattoo aftercare line that Jordan had dreamed of creating for years.

Quality Ingredients Matter


And so the long process of developing a high-quality, natural, cruelty free, safe, and effective aftercare line began. Jordan and his team sought out one of the best natural skincare developers in the United States, and together they formulated the perfect blend of ingredients specifically for the purpose of healing and maintaining tattooed skin. It was created for you…because we know how much your tattoos mean to you. We hope you find Elevated Aftercare to be your new go-to line for all of your tattoo aftercare needs.

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